Outfit Of the Day : Feeling sunny in a cloudy day


Some men blame the women for the bad weather this month. But surprisingly we do not have any fault  at all 😀 This weekend was cloudy, however my boyfriend and I decided to be outside all day long. Since we have a laid back everyday life (watching TV and eating candies, pop corn, donuts  and pretty much everything) we wanted to go for a big walk, change it up a bit. We went to the perfect sports area in Plovdiv. But unfortunately everyone had the same idea ( the bridge was about to collapse, trust me ;D).

And of course we had to take some pictures. I’m wearing my jeans from H&M, also my favorite green top is from there. ‘Cuz, since it was chilly, I had to take my scarf from Tally Weijl. My leather jacked is not from a famous brand, however it still looks cool. My shoes are from Deichmann and my purse is from Paolo Bottichelli. In my next post I’ll show you a tutorial on the look I’m wearing 🙂


We took these photos at the lovers’ bridge, there we captured a lot of beautiful handwritten padlocks , while one kiddo was screaming while downhill cycling  😀 ❤

It is a custom that couples in love visit the bridge and leave a padlock. You can find ones that are surprisingly old, like 15 yeas old.

I couldn’t resist at not posting his picture. Again special thanks to my love ❤



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Where would you like to go for a walk?

Outfit Inspired by Bershka


I was inspired by Bershka and their new collection, this is why I decided to recreate their outfit. I’m in love with this Off-the-shoulder pleated blouse. The pastel pinkish color is adorable and you can wear it with anything. For the jeans I chose my H&M high waisted jeans. They are washed out like the ones on the picture. For the shoes, I don’t own any white sneakers that’s why I chose my converse, the color is similar enough, they will never let me down. And because  the weather was sunny, but also had a little breeze in it, I wore my favorite leather jacked.


This time we decided to take photos in the old town in Plovdiv.

A little history .. The old town in Plovdiv is an architectural and historical reserve located on three of the Plovdiv’s hills: Nebet Tepe, Dzambaz Tepe and Taksim Tepe. The complex has been formed as a result of the long sequence of habitation from prehistoric times to present day and combines the culture and architecture from Antiquity and Bulgarian revival. The old town in Plovdiv is included in UNESCO World Heritage tentative list since 2004. Here you can see a small part of this beautiful place. Next time I promise to show you more ❤



img_2054My boyfriend’s outfit : He wore his Pull and Bear jacked, underneath is with a Deadpool t-shirt. The jeans are from H&M.


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Summer 2017 Swimwear Trends

After the winter is gone and the spring is finally here, we start to feel more productive. What better than to start thinking where to book your summer vacation. Is it going to be in Hawaii , Bora Bora or in Greece. Hmm .. who knows.. But you also will need new swimsuits. Okay, but first let’s see some of what is trendy this year.

Crop Tops

Well, let’s just stop for a sec .. look how gorgeous these are ! Pefrect for surfing and even for an adventure. You can enjoy crop tops with sheer parts or those with strategic cutouts that complement the body perfectly. Some of the designs are meant to be combined with single pieces.

Laced Siding

Laces everywhere, we can only pray they won’t detach ( otherwise we will have that awkward moment to be without bikini or a top 😀 , but this would be the best day for someone). Have a look at them, they are amazing. This summer I’m with two hands up for this trend.

Cut Out the Sides

Yey ! Girls these cut outs can help you show your amazing body shape, and if you don’t have any curves those swimsuits are the right ones for you! Maybe they are not too good for your tan, but overall they look stunning … What do you think ?


Do you remember Pamela Anderson from the Baywatch? Now you can look like her (or not). This type of swimwear is not for everyone (I mean if you are a shy person). I don’t know what to think about this trend… maybe the ladies from the 80’s will say their opinion.

What do you think about those swimsuit options ?

Please let us know of if you can think of a cool swimwear we missed to share.

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Suggestions what to wear :

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Here you can see different models and also to purchase them online : Swimmear World , New Look , Asos and Forever 21 .  Hope you guys like this post. Let me know in the comments what you want next ❤