What’s In My Beach Bag !

Hi guys! I really wanted to do what’s in my beach bag, because I recently got a new one and I think it’s so cute and I thought that it will be intresting to share it with you. Also  you can leave a comment down below on what’s your essential must have beach bag items […]

Easy Summer Eye Makeup Look Tutotial

Hey, guys. How’s goin’? If you want to recreate this look keep on reading ❤ Okay, so this time I’m not going to show you every step in pics how to do it. I’m going try to explain the process to you Let’s get starteeeeed. Because I don’t like to wear fondation I start with […]

One Lovely Blog Award!

Hey, beauties I have been nominated a long time ago for this awesome award and I decided to explain where I’ve been in the past 2 months.. Okay, so I want to apologize to all my readers, but I was super busy  and I’ve lost my passion for writing and doing posts. But now I’m […]