6 Easy Steps To Do The Perfect Black Smokey Eye

Hi beauties ❤
Welcome back to my blog! So, for today’s post we’re gonna to be doing this deep dark smokey eye. I know smokey eye should be very intimidating, it even intimidates me. So I picked a few tips and tricks along the way that make it so much easier. It’s a lot of work but I think when you’re done it’s definitely worth it. So if you are interested in this smokey eye keep on reading ❤


First thing we have to do is to apply eyeshadow base. I’m using my Essence’s one. Also a very important step when you’re doing a lot of blending is to set your eyeshadow base and I’m choosing translucent powder for this step. Just make sure to set everything!

Next I’m picking the transition shade and it is the lightiest orangy eyeshadow color and I’m gonna apply it with my blending brush. I’m applying this eyeshadow into the crease and then slightly above the crease. When doing a black smokey eye you really wanna have a transition shade because this is gonna be the first step to the gradient of your eyeshadow look.


So next I’m taking darker orange. I’m placing the darker right below the light orange shade so that the lighter color is just slightly peeking through and this is how I’m going to start building the shape. Make sure to blend everything very well !!! :*

Okay.. so the next step is to apply the black color, it is the same process like with the other colors but this time keep it as low as possible. Start from the outside and start blending it. Lay the brush with the point going into the crease. Also don’t pick too much black eyeshadow! Don’t worry too much about the outside because you can clean it in the end.


Now moving onto the lid. If you really want to achieve the darkest look you can apply gel eyeliner and then set it with black eyeshadow on top. But I chose to put only black eyeshadow. First I apply the black on my crease and then blend it very well again. 🙂

When you’re done with this you can highlight your brow bone and inner part of the eye and do the rest of your makeup ❤




Hope you guys liked this post ❤

Thank you for reading and see you next time :*


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