Framespotting : Wearing My Boyfriend’s Clothes

Have you ever though of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes on a daily basis? Well I wanted to find out how it would turn out ❤

We all know how comfy it is to wear your boyfriend’s shirt while you’re at home or to use it like a pijama.

I asked my boyfriend if I could wear his clothes, do a little experiment and his answer was “Why not, you can take anything you like?”.  I’m thinking I’ll make a series ^^ Hope you guys enjoy this ❤


For this look I chose to wear this  gray tank top, because I love the cut outs, this way you can show a little skin ^_^ . For something on top of that I chose this dark gray shirt that I bought him as a present and he never wore it 😀  (Both things are from H&M). Oh and not to forget to mention I also wore his sunglasses 🙂 My jeans are from Tally Weijl and the shoes – from Deichmann.


My makeup is also a little darker than my normal ones but I will do a tutorial on this look soon 🙂 pinky promise 😀


For accessory I chose my watch. It is the same like my bf’s, but a bigger one because you know size matters 😀 I’m just kiddin’ …. 😀 The brand I think was Bulgarian, it’s called Rital.


Overall I can see myself wearing his clothes more often. While I was with this outfit I was feeling like myself and I didn’t even think of what people will say. 😀

I challenge every girl to try it out . If I was not that skinny I was probably gonna try out his jeans too, but for now I’ll stay with his tops only 🙂

Hope you guys like this post, if you want me to continue doing this series let me know 🙂

Thank you for reading :*

(That moment when he washes his car and on the next day you see paws LOL :D)




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