Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

Hi guys,

Me and my boyfriend decided to do the famous ” Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge”. He doesn’t know anything about “makeup stuff” – that’s what he calls it, and I won’t help him in any way! You’re going to be amazed in the end 😀 .. I’ll write with pink and he with blue.

Well the very first thing he decided to do is to choose a theme for his makeup look… and he did, called it “Roses”. 

The key for quality is preparation. I decided to enter the uncharted waters of make up with an idea called “Roses”. The first thing I did was to buy some nice flowers for inspiration.


I  put all of my makeup on the bed and his look was like ” Well, how am I supposed to start, do not panic you’re awesome” 😀 . Then he started to search for the foundation ……

When Desi is watchin’ beauty channels and videos I often hear the word “foundation”.  Some good foundation is a key element of achieving that perfect, classy look I’m after! 



He finally found it …

I immediately found it. 


Here comes the worst part, maybe he has to do a tutorial on “How to apply foundation with one finger “…

I wasn’t sure if I had to apply it with a brush or somethin’ else… sooo I decided to venture forward and improvise. 





After applying the foundation… comes the eyeshadow game …

I literally have no idea what that means, I just decided to pick the first thing that catches my attention. I will try to achieve that “blush” effect. Here goes color red! 





Right after that he wanted to apply eyeliner, however he thought the mascara was the eyeliner …  He realized his mistake soon enough.

I swear they look exactly the same! Now that’s an ugly picture of me right there! 


After a little research, he finally noticed the eyeliner and started the application. I didn’t know he wanted me to look like Cleopatra … 😀

Little known fact, Cleopatra is almost always pictured with dark or blue make up. 

Go check it on Google! No idea what my cutie means!

Now look at that skill! 

I mean how hard can it be to put a simple eyeliner? 






He even drew a cute little heart on my cheek

That eyeliner brush is so infuriating to control!

I swear it makes me wanna curse in Scottish!

Scottish outburst comes in 3……2…….1……

Glaikit brush!

Damn solid tae control. It moves howevir it wants tae, na logic at a’.




Since he forgot what color he initially chose he took the matte creamy color and applied it on the other eye.

It’s called improvisation! It is hardly a minus! Musicians forget what they are playin’ all the time! 



I thought he was done, but I was wrong .. He decided to darken my left eye a little bit right under my brow… 😀 Good job, babe

Yep.. that right there is the signature of my masterpiece. The sunset. 



It is done, finished and patented!

Behold the “Roses” makeup style! Thank you, thank you. 


We have not had that much fun in a long while!

We encourage everyone to try it.

Hope you guys liked the challenge for us it was a pleasure to do it.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to comment, like, hate or add suggestions! xx





5 thoughts on “Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

  1. I was literally LOLing my way through this post. I love his attempt at the winged liner….but I mean hey at least he knew what went where, minus the heart liner on the cheek….hysterical. I also love that he doesn’t even bother rubbing in the foundation hahah….Such a good post!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Boyfriend responds: Thanks!

      The heart liner on the cheek is not a minus, though 😉

      I bothered rubbing the foundation, It’s just.. I didn’t know I had to do if for 2 hours : D

      We officially challenge YOU to do it with your boyfriend and post the result 😀 ( Find one if you don’t have).

      Liked by 1 person

      • HAHAH 2 hours… I hope you went all day with that makeup look 😉 Challenge accepted, I’ll just have to do some convincing to get him to participate. He’s usually good when it comes to my blog though so we’ll see! lol

        Liked by 1 person

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