7 Easy Steps To Achieve  Soft Cut Crease Look

Hello beauties,

This week I’m super busy ‘cuz I have to study for my finals and I wasn’t able to post as much as I do

1.  The first step is to wash my face, put my moisturizer ( ladies we have to do this everyday because this is an important step if we want to keep our skin younger).This time I’m also using my eye creme  by Nivea, under my eyes only ( I apply it because this way I can apply my concealer easier). Right after that I put my concealer from Essence and then I add my eyeshadow base by Aura. First step is done, it’s time to start with the eyeshadows.

2. The first color I put is this orange matte eyeshadow from my Lollipop Cosmetics palette ( here you can see a review on the palette) and apply it on my crease using my blending brush for more precise work.


3. Then I take the next color and apply it on my lid and my brow bone as well.

4. Next I take brown eyeshadow color with the same brush I used for my crease, and I’m starting to apply it between both of the colors. 🙂


5. You can leave it like this, but I wanted to add more. So I took my eyeliner brush and I wetted it before adding the color I wanted to use. I chose to use this  gorgeous gold color from the same palette to cut my crease, but unfortunately it did not turn out the way I wanted it.

6. Because I want to deepen the look more I use the same brush but this time I use dark brown color to underline the gold. I know that it is way more easier to do it with glitter eyeliner, but I do not own one. Next time I promise to buy one and try it again.

7. I finish my look with eyeliner and mascara.. uh and of course I always forget about the lips, I used this pink color from Avon 😀


And that’s it, easy and quick! What you guys think for this eye look tutorial?

Thank you for reading


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