Outfit Of the Day : Feeling sunny in a cloudy day


Some men blame the women for the bad weather this month. But surprisingly we do not have any fault  at all 😀 This weekend was cloudy, however my boyfriend and I decided to be outside all day long. Since we have a laid back everyday life (watching TV and eating candies, pop corn, donuts  and pretty much everything) we wanted to go for a big walk, change it up a bit. We went to the perfect sports area in Plovdiv. But unfortunately everyone had the same idea ( the bridge was about to collapse, trust me ;D).

And of course we had to take some pictures. I’m wearing my jeans from H&M, also my favorite green top is from there. ‘Cuz, since it was chilly, I had to take my scarf from Tally Weijl. My leather jacked is not from a famous brand, however it still looks cool. My shoes are from Deichmann and my purse is from Paolo Bottichelli. In my next post I’ll show you a tutorial on the look I’m wearing 🙂


We took these photos at the lovers’ bridge, there we captured a lot of beautiful handwritten padlocks , while one kiddo was screaming while downhill cycling  😀 ❤

It is a custom that couples in love visit the bridge and leave a padlock. You can find ones that are surprisingly old, like 15 yeas old.

I couldn’t resist at not posting his picture. Again special thanks to my love ❤



Hope you guys like this post.

Thanks for reading ❤

Where would you like to go for a walk?


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