Instantly Improve Your Makeup with This Stunning Palette


Since the International  Women’s Day was this week, a big part of the beauty and fashion shops  featured discounts. For a long time I was planning to buy this palette and now was the perfect time  to purchase  it ❤ .  Lollipop Cosmetics had up to -70% sale,  I got it for 29 lv.  (from 46 lv.) from their online shop  ( you can check it out, they have amazing beauty products).  When I first opened this palette I started screaming (I apologize to my neighbors , but I was super excited ). OH MY GOD! I can’t describe to you how pretty  this palette is … It’s absolutely STUNNING. You don’t need another to do your makeup 😉

IMG_2286From the photos you can see that most of the colors in F35 are super shiny and glittery, only 7 of them are matte. IMG_2282

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As you can see from the swatches on my hand some of the colors are super pigmented  and some of them are not ( just to mention that the swatches are without primer). If I have to name this palette to a season it will be Autumn. I am amazed of it’s quality, also the colors blend easily. ( Here you can see the makeup I did using them) Flawless finish and seem to last a lifetime! Would stay on for the entire day without fail.  If you like highlighting you definitely need to get this palette, I can see myself buying the other palettes too ❤  Highly recommend this pallet! If you have questions about it don’t be shy to ask 🙂


The same palette you can find also in Morphe’s palettes named 35FFALL INTO FROST PALETTE. 

Hope you guys liked the post :* :* and as always… thanks for reading! 


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