“The Fire Girl” Eye Look – Instagram Makeup Idea

Today’s post was supposed to be to be Instagram vs Real life, but it turned out to be just Instagram makeup (But I’m gonna do the first some day 😀 ). Since I have new amazing eyeshadow palette I decided to play with the colors. The palette I used is from Lollipop cosmetics, I will do a thorough review in my next post! 

This month my skin bothers me, but what can I do 😀 . As usual I start with clean face, already have applied my moisturiser and eye cream ( because my eyes are irritated ).


Then ( please don’t laugh at my hair and concealer, as I told you earlier I had another idea ) I put my concealer, because I have really bad dark circles After that I put my eyeshadow base and I’m ready to start the application of the eyeshadows.  As you can see from the picture below all of the eyeshadows I used are numbered the way I put them.


The first color I used is this red – brownish matte color, and I used my blending brush to blend it very well on my crease. Then I took the second color which is very interesting combination between red and cyclamen and applied it on my eye lids .

With the next color I outlined my crease and in the side of my eye I did it like an eyeliner.

In the part left between my inner corner and my lid I put this shiny yellow eyeshadow, and in the inner corner I aded white sparkly eyeshadow. I decided to name this look  “The fire girl” .  I finished the look with eyeliner and mascara, oh and of course with red lips since I’m the girl on fire 😀 .

And the final result :


Thank you for for reading this, lovelies. Hope you enjoyed this post and liked the eye look 🙂 If you have any suggestions on what you want next I’d love to hear ❤


13 thoughts on ““The Fire Girl” Eye Look – Instagram Makeup Idea

    • At first I didn’t know what I’m doing, but then the idea started to come into shape by itself. You should try it as well and show the result, it will be very exciting to see you recreate my experiment 🙂

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