Outfit Inspired by Bershka


I was inspired by Bershka and their new collection, this is why I decided to recreate their outfit. I’m in love with this Off-the-shoulder pleated blouse. The pastel pinkish color is adorable and you can wear it with anything. For the jeans I chose my H&M high waisted jeans. They are washed out like the ones on the picture. For the shoes, I don’t own any white sneakers that’s why I chose my converse, the color is similar enough, they will never let me down. And because  the weather was sunny, but also had a little breeze in it, I wore my favorite leather jacked.


This time we decided to take photos in the old town in Plovdiv.

A little history .. The old town in Plovdiv is an architectural and historical reserve located on three of the Plovdiv’s hills: Nebet Tepe, Dzambaz Tepe and Taksim Tepe. The complex has been formed as a result of the long sequence of habitation from prehistoric times to present day and combines the culture and architecture from Antiquity and Bulgarian revival. The old town in Plovdiv is included in UNESCO World Heritage tentative list since 2004. Here you can see a small part of this beautiful place. Next time I promise to show you more ❤



img_2054My boyfriend’s outfit : He wore his Pull and Bear jacked, underneath is with a Deadpool t-shirt. The jeans are from H&M.


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