Framespotting : OOTD


In this beautiful afternoon, me and my boyfriend decided to go for a little adventure. Since his favorite movie is out again after 20 years (Trainspotting) , he chose to go on the train station in Plovdiv to take some photos of my outfit. So the things I’m wearing, they’re all from H&M. As you can see I chose to wear this top to contrast my skirt. While ago I bought this super trendy tights and I’m loving them. To finish my outfit as usual I decided to be more different and put my converse. I feel super fancy and comfy at the same time.

Okay, so enough for the outfit. When we arrived at the trainspot he started taking’ pictures and we had fun. Overall we ended with 300 pics, and I had to choose the best ones only. Spacial thanks to my boyfriend who did an amazing work, without him I would
not be able to do this post .. : )
I want to inspire you to dress up not only to look nice, but to feel comfortable in your clothes! Because we all see everyday girls who buy the latest trends, but if they don’t suit them well, they won’t be feeling good. One advice to all the girls out there : Buy clothes which you will feel comfortable with!
That’s from me for today. Hope you like this post, if you have any recommendation feel free to comment. ❤

img_1767Here I’m trying to look like a Victoria Secret’s angel (but I’m not, I’m not even close…). I hope he doesn’t take me to inferior place next time ( kiddin’).img_1853img_1869img_1875img_1880And here we are … trainspotting.img_1962img_1791img_1812


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