7 Simple Steps To Master a Spring Makeup Look

Sun is shining, so are we! In today’s post I’ll show you how to do easy spring makeup look with dark lips. Let’s get started:

  1. If you have been reading my posts you would know that I don’t wear any foundation. Okay, so the first thing I do is to moisturize my skin, I use Cleanance Hydra by Avene.


2. Then I apply my new concealer by Essence Comouflage under my eyes in triangle shape,  also I apply it to my eye’s inner corner and I highlight my brow bone with it. I blend them with my fingers.


3. Take any white eyeshadow color you like to highlight the brow bone.


4. Then I take this light brownish color from The Nudes palette and apply it on the crease of my eye. Firstly I start to blend from the outer part and move to the inner part of the eye. You have to blend it very well!

5. I decided to add color to this look. I chose this pink color from The Blush palette and with my smudge brush I apply it to my lower lashline. Then to finish the eyes apply mascara.

6. To make my lipstick  pop, I apply concealer first so the color can stay longer.


7. The final step is to apply the lipstick you’ve chosen. Mine is by  Aura in the color 625 Break the Rules. 


(P.S. While I was doing this post I was listening to my bf’s playlist and in the end this song popped and I decided to share it with ya ❤ ) Hope you liked this post ❤


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