How to combine Makeup and Glasses for Elegant Look

Hi, dolls!

In this sunny day I decided to do a tutorial on my makeup look of the day. This week I needed to wear my protection glasses, because I’m always on the computer and I get headaches if I don’t. Most of the girls think that they can’t wear makeup, because they’re wearing glasses, but you know what? The glasses are great accessory, they made you look more fancy, so don’t be afraid to wear your glasses! Today I’ll show you how to rock them. 🙂

As usual I start with a clean face. (Please, don’t laugh at my messy hair 😀 )


Then of course I apply my eye shadow base by Aura.


I’m using The Nudes by Maybelline . I start with color number 1 (which is a nice dark brown color) and I apply it to the inner part of the eyelid and then to the outer part of the eyelid, while I leave free space between them. After I’m done with this I use the next color (the golden one) and put it in the free space. Then after blending the edges, I take the lighter brown color and put it on my crease and this time I’m using my blending brush, so I can blend all the colors very well.





I use matte white eye shadow for my brow bone and my inner corner to highlight them. Then I do my eyeliner and lastly I put mascara on my eyelashes. To look more fabulous  I finished my look applying red lipstick.



And ta-daaa, I like how this makeup turned out. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you want more of these let me know 🙂  xoxo ❤



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