Maybelline The Blushed NUDES Eyeshadow Palette Review


Yesterday I went for a little shop and I bought The Blushed NUDES Eyeshadow Palette and The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline. Their price was 14,99lv.

In today’s post I’m going to do a review of the new Maybelline The Blushed NUDES Eyeshadow Palette. So let’s get started!


The packaging is  looking nice, it comes with one applicator and on the other end it has a small smudging brush. The only disadvantage is that it does not have a small mirror so if you’re in a rush you can do your make up quickly.

The instruction on the back of the palette gives some guidance on how to make the most of the palette, which is really useful for eye makeup beginners! The colors have been placed in this palette in a manner such that it can be split up as quads, trios or duos. You can create a lot with only these colors.


Most of the colors are sheer and you have to build up so they can show their true nature, they are also shimmery, easy to blend, and have nice pigmentation over primer. I decided to do my makeup with them, to put them to the test 😉



I wasn’t pleased with the white color, it is extremely sheer and it only makes my brow bone shine (which I dislike), it would have been amazing if this was matte color. I put this pinky color to the inner half of my lid, then put the third color on the outer half, and decided to use the darkest color of this palette to make my look more smokey. I used the smudge brush which comes with the palette to contour my eyes with the dark color, and then I used my crease brush to blend it. It was pretty easy to blend. As I’ve said I prefer matte colors. After finishing my makeup I went out. Update 1 : 2 hours later I was at the uni and the colors were still fine, but I’ve noticed that the colors were starting to mix… Update 2: 4 hours later all colors blended together and it just looked horrible.

Overall I don’t like the eye shadows, as a drugstore brand they are just okay. Nothing special, I won’t purchased them again.

Hope you liked this post


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