How I got rid of Acne : My Acne Story

Hi, angels !

Today I decided to share my acne story with you.

For years I’ve been struggling with acne. All started when I was 13 years old, I got pimples on my forehead and on my chin. Back then I was using ordinary lotions for acne, which didn’t help much. On my 15’s it got worse, I had pimples everywhere even on my body. I was feeling very insecure and ugly. I was very jealous of my girlfriends, because they were having only their period pimples (It means 2 to 3 small pimples, which would go away pretty fast) and this was a Big deal for them. I started to cover my face with foundation, but I’ve noticed that it only makes it worse, that’s why I’ve stopped it.

I can’t describe to you what the feeling is like, I was afraid to look at myself in the mirror I was afraid how going to school, what my friends would think of my ugly face? It was a disaster. Finally, I decided to share to my parents how I felt and that I did not think that my pimples were going to disappear when I grow up if I did not take care of them. Then I started visiting a dermatologist and all of them were prescribing me lotions, creams, pills, ect. I’ve done research everywhere and have tried everything and nothing changed. I took blood tests, urine tests and everything was fine with me. Nobody had the answer of why I still had pimples and why they would’t go away. I was angry and at the same time sad, because I’d spend thousands on acne products and treatments and still nothing! I’ve become a dermatologist for my skin. I knew which products work the best for my skin.

After 3 horrible years of waking up everyday with new pimples and crying , I decided to tell my dermatologist to prescribe me Roaccutane ( you may know it as Accutane). They are the most harmful pills (Do not recommend them to anyone). I had to take them for at least 5 to 6 months. This was the hardest time, I wanted to look good for my prom on the cost of my health. As many of you may know, those pills dry out your entire body (scalp, skin, lips and so on …). I had oily skin, but these pills totally changed it. I was able to skip washing my hair every other day. I had to wear chapstick everywhere with me. For the first time of my life I had to buy hydration lotions or I wouldn’t be able to move my face. From them I even developed some back pains, and since then I still have some. But my face started to clear up and I was happy. On my prom my face was pretty clear and it was time to stop using them. A few months later some pimples returned but at least they were not as many as before. It was not a perfect solution nevertheless.

Since I found benzoyl peroxide I forgot what acne was. This thing saved me from my nightmare. I still have some pimples from time to time, but I feel beautiful and confident even if I don’t wear any makeup.

This is the only photo I have with pimples. This was the clearing stage when I was on Roaccutane.


And that’s how my skin looks now.( I’m without foundation and you can see some of the scars)


I wrote this post for all the teens out there, who are desperately trying to find out a solution to their acne. My advice in short: Do not take pills and go buy benzoyl peroxide 2,5% or 5% and you will see the difference.

Keep in mind that some countries do not offer products with benzoyl peroxide, however you can order it online. Whatever the price for delivery may be, it’s worth it I guarantee.

If you have any questions  don’t be shy to ask ❤


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