Last minute Night Makeup

Hello , sunshines !

I guess everyone had that time when they have to get ready for a night out and they are in a rush. Guess what? Today I’ll show you how I deal with it. This look is for all the girls who don’t like to do full face makeup (like me). It’s very simple and easy to recreate. Hope you like it.

1. Start with a clean face . If you already have makeup do not feel obliged to remove it, you can only add more darker colors.


2. The first thing I do is to spray my face with my Thermal Spring Water by “Avene”. I’m letting it dry for a 30 sec and then soak it with a cotton pad. ( I always do this before applying my makeup and after I take it off, this way I’m helping my skin to calm, because it’s very sensitive.)

3. Taking my eye shadow primers and mix them. I use my “Essence” I love stage and “Aura” Prime me! I’ve done their review if you want to read more click here .

4.Next I take my favorite brown eye shadow color and start applying it from the center of my lids then with the leftover on the brush I’m outlining my crease.


5. I take the white color from my “Avon” palette and use it to highlight my brow bone and my inner corner as well. After that I use this pinkish color and with a small brush I  put it near the lash line like thick eyeliner for a more playful look.



6. And the last steps are to put an eyeliner so it can look like you have spend an hour to do your makeup. Then apply mascara and lipstick of your choice and you are done!


7. Ready to go out and have fun !!


Special thanks to my boyfriend who helped me shooting this ❤


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