DIY: Old shirts into new

We all have old boring t-shits who stay in our closet for ages. Today you can turn them from old boring clothes to new trendy ones. If you don’t have any go buy new ones from the sales!

All you’re gonna need is a glue gun, jewelry and a shirt . The first thing you have to do is to plug in the glue gun (so it can heat up).

While you’re waiting, put your shirt on the floor and start decorating it. You can do it the way you like it. Try google for ideas. Don’t forget to put a paper inside the shirt, because you can glue the fabric from the back too.

Then, after the gun is ready for use, start gluing all of the pieces and put them in the desired places. It’s very easy right? In the end you are going to be very happy with the result. Gongrats, you can enjoy your own designed shirt. (Below you can see the steps I followed to do mine. The t-shirts are from “Terranova” for 5lv each.) Hope you liked the idea and if you recreate it send photos to see. ❤




3.Start gluing


4. The final result. (I ended up with these two.)




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