Day In The Life: Men vs Women


Hello guys,

Me and my boyfriend love joking with each other about men/ women stereotypes. Therefore we decided to share some thoughts about how a regular day goes in the guys/ ladies world. The pink parts are mine, he will use the blue color.

 8:00 am – 9:30 am  Women  wake up earlier before their work. Right after they get up they make their bed, take a shower, after that they do their makeup for half an hour at least, dress up, and most of them have time for breakfast or for a coffee.  After they are done, they just lock the door and go to work.

9:10 am9:30 am  Meanwhile guys wake up at the last possible minute and all they have to do is get dressed (if they did not end up falling asleep with their clothes on which is a 50% possibility).  It is a challenge to find clean/ usable clothes in the mountain shaped stash of clothes ( find the picture on top for a reference). That’s a real picture btw. I have cool origami socks and she has a cactus on the chair. Just sayin’.

10:00 am – Both working hard

12:00 pm – Break time

12:30 pm– Women go for a fast lunch with colleagues and gossip.

12:40 pm– Men get ready for breakfast, the break is depressingly short and never enough for the list of task one has prepared for it ( eating, catching up with coworkers…. toilet). By this time the regular guy has depleted his working powers and starts working in “chill mode”. Eating DOES NOT help.

18:00 pm – 19:00 pm  After finishing their work  women  drink coffee with girlfriends for an hour (if they are not super tired).

18-00 pm – 20:00 pmBy this time men go for a beer with a friend. This is a special, spiritual part of the day that tends to pass way quicker than everything else combined. It’s very optimistic that 2 hours would really be enough.  5 more minutes for boys in this situation equals to 5 more minutes for girls preparing their make up/ outfit before a night out. Half an hour at least..

 19:00 pm – 19:30 pm Then on the road to home they go to a supermarket to buy food, ect. After getting home they change their clothes and immediately start thinking what they should cook for dinner. The preparation for the dinner is ready,  while they are waiting for the dinner to cook, they do laundry and cleaning. When everything is done, they finally have time to take a relaxing bath.

20:00 pm – 20:30 pm After 2 (4-5) beers and lots of talks about work, girls, football  it’s time for men to go home where their girl made them a nice dinner and sort their clothes from not being all over the rooms. Poor girlfriends never learn that the pile of clothes will soon be replaced with an army of new ones but they can hope at least..

21:00 pm – Finally dinner time, they are together after this long day.  Having a little chat about how their day went, what happened at work.

22:00 pm – Maybe at some point the women will be on their laptops reading journals, and men will be watching sports, TV series (or playing games). Hopefully none of this will happen and they will have sex instead.

22:30 pm -When her eyes start to close she will go to the bedroom to sleep.

22:30 pm – 1:00 am – While he will continue to watch TV and later educate himself with the work of poets and artists ( Machiaveli, Van Gogh, Tolstoy, Socrates). 100% truth.

3:00 am – She sleeps like an angel, he snores like a pig.



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