EcoTools Makeup Brushes Set Review

Hi, everyone!

For a long time I want to buy new makeup brushes. I’ve been using mine for almost 4 years. I still remember when I purchased them from “Aliexpress ” and they were my little babies. But like most of the girls I got bored from them and wanted to have more and new better ones. I didn’t want to spend hundreds for brushes. And one day while I was looking at these I decided that it was finally time to buy them. Travel size brushes are perfect for me, the quality of the brushes is amazing! They are all I need! The set of 5 brushes also comes with a bag  (you can use it for your makeup too).. how amazing is this? The first and the biggest brush is called “Large Eye” and it’s perfect for highlighting the brow bone or even  highlighting your cheeks. The next brush is “Angled crease” it speaks for itself, it’s for the crease and it’s nice for smokey look too. With “Petite eye shading” you can put more color on the center of your eye or on the inner corner. Next  is “Smudge “.. this one I really like  because it does it’s jobs  and smudges really well.  This is the brush that I like to go to when I want to apply that pop of color on my lash line.  And the last one is ” Ultra fine eyeliner”, I haven’t use it yet, but when I do I’ll let you know . The price was 25 leva and overall I give it 9/10.


If you have any questions feel free to ask! Hope you all have an amazing week ❤ x Desi


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