Lingerie Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hi guys!

One week till Valentine’s Day, and you want to surprise your man? Okay girls,
let’s get sexy! There are a lot of options, but I choose to show you what I’ve picked online from H&M.
Their lingerie is comfy and the quality of the products is good. If you are more of a casual girl, then choose bralettes ,
or if you want to have nice looking boobs, then push up bras are the best.

For the pink lovers (like me) now it’s the perfect time from the year to wear it.This color is delicate which means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine…
On 14th February we all need this. To make it sexier you can add kimono like the picture below, strings and even a suspender belt…

If you want to be a bad girl (then be one) here are some ideas to turn on your man. The lace is a must have. You can find the models online or in the “H&M” shops.

And don’t forget to make a new romantic playlist!


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