What I bought

Hi guys!

Today I decided to show you what I got this weekend. I just went for a walk, but those stuff got caught my eye. I bought two T-shirts from the Sale section in “Terranova” (both for 10lv.) I needed them for a DIY (which I will post later this week). Actually everything I got was on sale. For the first time I’ve got “Dove” deodorant called beauty finish and I absolutely love the smell of it. Next thing is a perfume by “Zara”, this brand is number one for me. The smell, the packaging, the price and they last for a long time. Just a week before the most romantic day (Valentine’s Day), I found the perfect tights from “H&M” which are very trendy now (15lv).picsart_1486391178120

And time to show my hair products. I dye my hair every two to three months, because I love changing my hair color.The best dye for me is by “L’oreal ” Excellence Creme. This is the most gentle hair dye I’ve tried, it makes my hair super shiny and looking healthy! For shampoo this month I’ve chosen “Schauma” Q10 for thin and weak hair, and “Gliss” by “Swartzkopf” for damaged hair to very dry. My hair is not damaged or dry, but I found that they help my hair, they protect it from the hair straightener. And my most loved product of all the times is by “Garnier”, “Goodbye Damage Conditioner”. Since I’ve found this product I noticed that I don’t have any split ends even if I don’t go to the hair dresser for 4 to 5 months.


If you want new and exciting series I recommend you to watch “Stranger Things”. Here is a teaser to Season 2 :

Hope you all have an amazing week! ❤


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