Ideas for lazy days

Hello everyone! 

Yesterday I felt super energized and I decided to go shopping. Just like most of the girls, the best way to have a great time is by yourself. All I wanted was to spend some money on something.

I wanted to create something with my hot gun.Like for example to decorate my old clothes and to turn them more trendy.I ended up buying these:


As you have seen now stickers for clothes are everywhere, on shirts , jackets, pants , ect. I found them on H&M but they were so pricey , so I searched for more cheaper ones and guess what I found – the best shop with a lot of choices. You can stitch them or ( way more easier)  iron them. Just like the ones I did on the picture.


While I was looking for accessories I found the best organizer. It is super easy to schedule your days with this! You can write what you have to do or where you have to go (whatever you like). Also you’re having a lot of free space where you can  just draw something (like I do) or use it as diary as well.(I bought it from Tally Weijl on sale for 14 lv.)



I couldn’t resist to these beautiful hair ties.(Tally Weijl 1.99 lv.)


And the final thing I got is Garnier Moisture + Freshness mask for Normal to Combination skin (2,99lv). I have never used Garnier masks,but I got an eye on this. After trying it I did not like it at all. The cut for the eyes was super small and I had to stay with eyes closed so I could avoid getting product in them. After staying a while on my face it felt like it was starting to burn. When I took if off, the excess on my face was kinda sticky and I decided to rinse it off. I will not purchased it again.




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